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How do you unblock a sink?

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Good drain maintenance keeps the clogs awayFailing the use of drain cleaning products, the use of a sink plunger can prove to be more effective. Place the plunger over the plughole and gently push up and down to create pressure in the drain. Make sure to regularly check if the debris is being removed, and clean away if necessary. You can check to see if the method is working by turning the tap on and seeing how quickly the water drains.

Beneath most sinks you will find a pipe that makes a U-bend, which can sometimes become blocked. However, there is an easy way to remedy this. If you suspect that there may be a blockage in the piping immediately below the sink, find the U-bend pipe and place a bucket underneath the pipe. Unscrew the closest thread to you on the pipe and wait for the water to drain out until it stops. Once the water has drained, unscrew the thread furthest away from you and again, wait until the water drains. Remove the U-bend carefully, and make sure to be aware of anything that may fall out of the pipe. Once the pipe is removed, check the insides of the drain for any debris or blockages, and thoroughly clean the pipe. This can be done with either a wire hanger, a dishcloth with warm water, or even with a screwdriver. After you have cleaned the pipe efficiently, screw the U-bend back into place and seal with waterproof tape to prevent any leaks. You can test this method by running the water after replacing the pipe – if the water drains smoothly, you have successfully gotten rid of the blockage!

These home remedies to blocked sinks can be useful and effective ways to clear away any blockage in your sink, without breaking the bank. However, some blockages are too severe or stubborn for home remedies which is why it is important to call a drain technician if you are unable to clear the blockage yourself. Don’t leave it until it’s too late, or you may end up costing yourself more money and time spent trying to rectify the problem. You may even end up with more serious issues like flooding, which can pose serious health risks for yourself and all who live at the property. If flooding has already occurred, please give Blocked Drain Manchester a call today.