Why Blocked Drains in Burnage Should Get Sorted Straight Away

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Having a blocked drain may feel like an external problem that won’t affect your everyday life. But leaving it unchecked will lead to problems affecting your everyday routine and creeping into your home. Much of your day-to-day routine will be dependent on your plumbing as it should, and when you have a blocked drain this will show up through signs and symptoms in your plumbing. We will discuss some of these signs below and how a blocked drain can affect you, and when those occur you should call Blocked Drain Burnage.

One of the most common symptoms of a blocked drain is when your toilet is backed up. You might notice at first that the water levels in your toilet bowl are higher than usual, which at first can be harmless. However, each flush might cause the water level to be higher each time. Eventually a flush could lead to an overflowing which will cause a much more substantial job in cleaning it up and getting your toilet fixed. So if you notice that your toilet is more slow to drain or fuller than usual, give us a call.

Another bathroom appliance that is likely to get affected by your blocked drain is your shower. If you’re showering and see that your shower is filling up around your ankles and is slow to drain, there likely is a blockage doing on. This is because the drain is flowing through as it should. So the water has nowhere to go and instead backs up into your shower. While unpleasant, this can also lead long term to not being able to use your shower temporarily. So this is how your day to day life can get affected! Call on the professionals at Blocked Drain Burnage to get it sorted around the clock.