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But why is your toilet clogged? Well, there are many reasons and thankfully there are many things you can do to prevent a future problem from occurring. The most likely cause is that a foreign object has been flushed down the toilet. This includes baby wipes, tampons, q-tips and tissues. Or even small toys! All of these things can cause great blocked drain problems. As they get stuck in your pipes. Especially if the pipe gets thinner somewhere within your home. You should only ever flush toilet paper and waste down the toilet, ie, the things you expect to flush, but not the things you should not flush down the toilet. This will help prevent a great number of blockages and should not be underestimated!

There may be other problems with your toilet. Have you noticed that your loo has a weak flush? Then it may be that it’s flapper is not properly adjusted. That means it does not open the whole way. The flapper is the part which allows water to go from the tank into the bowl. Weak flushes also cause blockages. But you should not attempt to fix this alone – a friendly Blocked Drain Ancoats engineer will be able to fix this problem without damaging your toilet. And so you should contact our team immediately.

What is a CCTV Survey?

Do you have a blockage in your home? The first action for our Blocked Drain Ancoats team is to figure out where the blockage is. And then how we can best get to and remove it. The blockage may be inside your home. Or may be in the sewerage pipes leading through your garden and off your property. If the blockage is outside then we often recommend doing a CCTV Survey. Which the skilled Blocked Drain Ancoats team are very good at. And it helps us to locate the blockage fast and unobtrusively.

We will find an outside drain. Such as a storm drain. That is on your property and open this up. We then bring out our equipment. Which consists of a camera on a long, flexible tube. And feed this tube into the pipes below your property. The camera lets our drain engineer look directly into the pipes without having to pull the pipes up. It also lets you see exactly what we see. So you can remain fully informed with what is going on with your home’s plumbing. When in the pipes the camera may discover a number of things.

If looking for a blockage it can easily traverse the pipe system and locate this. And then the Blocked Drain Ancoats engineer can decide on the best course of action o remove this. However we may also discover other useful information – for example, we will be able to see if any of your pipes are broken or damaged. That is possibly by corrosion. We will also be able to see if any tree roots have made their way into the pipe which causes many structural problems. Thus a CCTV survey is a very useful way of inspecting the insides of your home’s plumbing without having to rip up your garden to see.

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We met one of our customers who came to us with a blocked toilet. After spotting that their toilet was blocked he attempted to unblock the toilet himself but failed. He called us quickly. And we were able to fix the toilet quickly. The customer said that our services were fantastic and that he would definitely recommend us to friends and family in the Ancoats area if they ever have any blockage issues. He told us he was satisfied with our fast servicing and said that our pricing was cheap and affordable. But did not lack quality.