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Your local one stop for anything blocked now operates and covers Stockport as well as any other area. We know a blocked drain can be a nightmare both in the home or at your business and that’s why we operate in the biggest area possible to give you peace of mind so even when you have the nastiest blockagae we’ve seen in the last 20 years then at least we’ll be on hand to take care of it with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours or shorter.

When you get a blockage and you might be tempted to try and tackle it yourself with harmful or corrosive household cleaners, but these won’t get through the bigger blockages and might even be corroding your pipes when used too often. We use CCTV surveying and the latest in high pressure water jetting equipment to break through any blockage in a matter of minute and have never been defeated by a blockage.

No matter whether big or small, far and wide, our team will be on hand. We deal with emergency call outs 24/7 365 days of the year so there will never be an inconvenient time to get a blockage, just the inconvenience of the blockage and by the time you’ve called us the blockage will already be enjoying it’s last pesky moments. Our lines are open 24/7 also so don’t hesitate and call us today, whether you’d like discuss your options, make a booking, or you need someone on an emergency call out one of our advisers will always be on hand to help you out.

What Are The Signs Of A Blockage?

Your drain and plumbing are very closely linked, so when you have a blocked drain this is likely to show up in signs through your plumbing. Expert engineers blocked drain Stockport are here to give you some advice on the signs of a blocked drain, and also some tips to combat them to ensure long-term drain health. The two most common offendors and causes of blocked drains are hair and toilet paper, so it makes sense that our tips are targeted at the bathroom.

blocked drain stockport

The first sign you might be experiencing the blocked drain is that when you are using the shower, it fills up pretty quickly to ankle level. This can be unpleasant but the reason for this is because too much hair has gone down the plughole over time and caused a clog. Preventing this is so simple however. All you need to do is a hair catcher to cover your plughole and ensure that you clear the hair catcher at the end of the shower of all the hair. You can also get general plug catchers for your kitchen sink to catch any food going down the sink.

The second offender is toilet paper used in excess so that too much is going down the toilet at one time. This will prevent your pipes being able to clear at a time and cause a build up. So just be mindful about how much toilet paper you are using at one time. And ensure that ONLY toilet paper is going down the toilet, not nappies, wipes or sanitary products. Small, simple steps like these will help ensure that the solution Stockport blocked drains lasts for longer and your drains stay healthy, long-term.